Fourth Technical Conference Fertirrigación in Alicante

The Association of Agricultural Engineers of the Province of Alicante (COITAPA), have organized Fourth Technical Conference Fertirrigation. (Open registration period until the 23th July, 2015).

New working days about fertirrigation of crops, and Orcelis Fitocontrol management: COITAPA have organized ha organizado para the 28th July a conference in Alicante where they will talk about how to carry out a proper fertilization and irrigation of any crop placed in any place of the world.

The novelty of the day is that will explain the agronomic bases fot the calculation of the fertirrigation of arboreal and horticultural crops. Also will explain new concepts that affect to the water used in agriculture like WATER FOOTPRINT.

For finishing the working day, will show the use of Orcelis Fitocontrol explaining paragraph like the use of the analytics in fertirrigation, phytosanitary treatments and the automatic location of farms(SIGPAC), etc.

For more information, click at aquí.

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