New partnership between Orcelis Fitocontrol and Feragua

Recently, Orcelis Fitocontrol and Federation of Irrigants Communities of Andalusia (FERAGUA) have signed and agreement of collaboration for a year.

FERAGUA delivers the best products and services to the irrigation thanks to its Irrigator Guide.

This guide is the guide of the best suppliers of products and services to the irrigation in Andalusia. Besides is the only directory and specific thematic search of products and services for irrigators. This guide takes only the most important brands recommended by FERAGUA, the most important community of irrigators in Andalusia and even in Spain.

Irrigator’s Guide is mainly directed at Irrigators and Irrigator Communities from Andalusie:

– Over a million hectares of farmland.

– A global turnover of 6700 millions of euros.

– 65% of GDP of Andalusian agriculture .

Moreover to:

– Installers of irrigation equipment. Engineering and environmental consultants.

– Companies devoted to water management.

– Public Administration. Practitioners and opinion-formers.

Learn more about irrigation from FERAGUA.

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