The productive challenge. What agricultural entrepreneur faces and What technical face?

New meeting organized by Agrométodos and AEFISA (Spanish Association of Crop Protection and Environmental Health) in which analyze changes and developments in the phytosanitary sector and the organic sector.

The resposibles D. Víctor Frías and Dña. Mónica Perdices from Agrométodos, talked about market demand and tools to satisfy it. In othe hand, D. Raúl Nehring explained why our agriculture have been questioner by Europe and what have been the consecuences.

The professor D. José Miguel Mulet from the Polytechnic University of Valencia exposed the myths and truths about ecological alimentation; wich is very fashionable, but very little representative versus others production technicals los mitos y verdades sobre la alimentación ecológica, muy de moda, pero muy poco representativa frente a otras técnicas de producción.

Dña. Estefanía Hinarejos explained that we are in a moment of change about the obligations in a farm. Equally, he talked about the new phytosanitary tools (low risk substances and basic substances).

Finally, the professor of the University of Alicante D. Marco Antonio Oltra Cámara presented the ways to face the requirements of the markets and product differentiation (more necessary than ever). Also, he explained the water foot print and its cerfication from the point of wiev of the product differentiation.

The water foot print is starting to be a requirement demanded by the food chains. Orcelis Fitocontrol is the first inline system able to calculate the water foot print. Actually we are in negotiation with AQUAFIDES (the first certifier water footprint in Spain) the posibility of certify the wahter foot print calculated by the system so easy, fast, economic and simple.

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