Webinar about Orcelis Fitocontrol

The next Friday 15th April at 12:00h (Spain) we will provide an online course for the update knowledge of the last system’s version.

Orcelis Fitocontrol is an “alive ” system , and a proof of it is the frecuency of the updatings of the system .These updatings provide continuous improvements, giving more facilities for the users to manage their farms.

Among other, the topics to be disscussed will be the following::

  • Explanation of the system hierarchy (lateral menu: farms, products, analytics and management)
  • How to insert new fertilizers?
  • How to insert new treatment by irrigation?
  • To insert: soil, water and foliar analysis
  • How to manage the owners of the farmers, staff/workers, customers, machines, source of water and labors?
  • Explain the organization of the farmers using tabs
  • Register a farm and a crop: using the SIGPAC information and/or selecte the geometry of the farm
  • Interpret the current and historical weather information
  • Calculation of the water foot print
  • Explain the obtaining of satelital images (NDVI)
  • Nitrates vulnerable zone (ZVN) and special protection areas for birds (ZEPA)
  • Assignment of agricultural machine, customers, staff, etc
  • Calculation of fertirigation of a month and/or several simultaneously
  • Edition of fertirigation plan
  • Aplication of a product via irigation
  • View and print of generated reports
  • Generate a foliar treatment against and/or pests
  • How to generate a field notebook
  • Question time

If you do not have your invitation and you are interested, just register for free in the system and send us a message from your username.

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