Webinar About How to Use Orcelis Fitocontrol

Next Wednesday, 11st May at 5:30 pm (Spain), an online course will be held to update the information about the last version of the programme.

Orcelis Fitocontrol is a living system. Therefore, we update it very often. Said updates provide the system with continuous technological improvements and enables the users to manage their farms more easily.

These are some of the topics of the course:

  • Explanation of the system’s hierarchy (lateral menu: farms, products, management…)
  • How do owners manage their farms, staff, clients, machinery, water origin and activities?
  • To create a farm and a growing: usage of SIGPAC information and/or creation of the geometry of the plot
  • To see and interpret the current climatological and historical information of the satellite images (NDVI)
  • Nitrate vulnerable zones (NVZs) and areas of special protection for birds (ZEPA)
  • To calculate water footprint
  • Calculation of the fertirrigation for one or several months at the same time
  • To edit a fertirrigation plan
  • To apply a product throughout fertirrigation
  • To visit and print generated reports
  • To generate a foliar treatment against pests and/or diseases
  • To create the exploitation book
  • Questions and suggestions

If you do not have an invitation and you would like to attend the webinar, you just have to register yourself in the programme for free and send us an email from your user email.

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