Integral solution for
Crop Counseling and Management


Advanced management software for agriculture ALL IN ONE. Manage and take control of your farms in a way effective from anywhere, making the most of it.

Our philosophy: Save time

Orcelis Fitocontrol is an advanced software for farming ALL IN ONE that allows you to manage and make decisions in your farms in real time considering all the variables of crop: irrigation needs, fertilizer dose, soil analysis, water analysis and leaf analysis, climatic data, NDVI satellite images, etc.

You ended up wasting time putting data and doing calculations in Excel sheets, with Orcelis Fitocontrol you can do all that and much more with a single click.


Cálculo de Abonado
Imágenes satélite NDVI
Datos metereológicos
Compatibilidad con Sensores
Necesidades de riego
Análisis de agua, tierra y vegetal
Huella hídrica
Tratamientos Fitosanitarios
Cuaderno de campo
Indicadores ZVN
Sistema de información geográfica

It is very easy and intuitive.
Learn in just a few minutes.



Get a return never seen with precision farming

Orcelis Fitocontrol optimizes your resources and avoids unnecessary expenses. Save up to 50% on production costs and get the most out of your crops with your intelligent decision-making system.

With Orcelis Fitocontrol all are advantages

  • Intuitive and simple, easy to understand and easy to use
  • Control all your exploits from the cloud
  • Work when and where you want
  • All in one, controls all the variables with a single click
  • Free support and help
  • Technical training so you can get the most out of it

Our clients endorse us with a retention rate of 98% *

* 98% of our clients stay with us

This is what they say about us

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What I like the most is the ease of use, the amount of data it provides and the continuous advice when there are doubts that arise.

With orcelis you have an exhaustive control of the exploitation, introducing the concrete parameters for each farm, also provides the exploitation notebook necessary for compliance with current legislation.

Agricultural engineer (Noray)

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A program of calculation of irrigation, fertilization, phytosanitary treatments to make agriculture of precision.

Have direct control of the farms and know what you have in hand.

Agricultural Technical Engineer (Selma Fernández)

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It is a very effective tool for the technician because it allows you, once the farm data is entered, to calculate the nutritional needs quickly.

With very little time, you can advise the farms, including: Fertilization, irrigation, field notebook, machinery, analysis, etc.

Technical (Agrogarden S.L)


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